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This drink is highly addictive due to it's refreshing and sweet nature. Drink at your own caution.

I will admit. I first learned of this drink in Isla Mujeres, Mexico! This Mexican gem is perfect for those hot days. It's delicious and sweet, but with so much water, is also very hydrating! AKA, perfect whether you're drinking it on the beach, on a boat, on the pier, or at the end of a long day on your back porch. Not to mention it's incredibly simple, and there are only 3 necessary ingredients: watermelon, water, and sugar! 🍉


  1. Watermelon cubed and seedless (Get as fresh, sweet, and delicious as possible!)🍉
  2. Water
  3. Sugar (or whatever sweetener you prefer)
  4. Lime (optional)
  5. A blender (I used a single serve blender, but a full blender is good for making a pitcher for your day in the sun!)

1. Start off by filling your blender up with cubed watermelon. I filled my cup all the way to the max fill line.

2. Next is water. I fill the water up to the max fill line as well. The ratio of watermelon to water is 1:1. This is my personal preference. You can add less water or more water depending on the texture and taste you personally prefer.

3. Now add in your sweetener! Sweeten to taste. No judgement here. ;) I added a couple spoonfuls of sugar. You can always blend, taste, and add more if necessary.

4. Blend, baby, blend!!!

5. Tasting time! Tweak it to your liking! Pour into a cocktail glass, a turvis, a yeti - whatever you prefer, and garnish with a slice of lime! NOM!


Add a splash of liquor for an extra relaxing day. My personal suggestions? Vodka, tequila, or malibu; Gives a new meaning to the phrase "to die for". ;)

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